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How Much CBD Should You Take? A Cannabidiol Dosage Guide

How Much CBD Should You Take? A Cannabidiol Dosage Guide
How to Choose the Right CBD Dose 

The only sure fact anyone can state about choosing the proper, most effective, personal CBD dose is that everyone is different. But that's not to say that there isn't any common ground to use as your CBD dosage starting point. Anecdotal evidence gathered from actual CBD users around the world is accumulating rapidly as CBD's popularity soars, so some of your dosing guesswork can be eliminated. In this important article, the CBD experts at Modern Nature (MoNa) will provide an in-depth review of the latest cannabidiol dosage research and recommendations.

Of course, we can't give specific medical advice, only your doctor can do that. But we can provide some important information which you can use as a general guide to determine the right amount of CBD for achieving the best therapeutic results you seek. If you're already a CBD user and you're not getting the results you expected from your CBD products, you just might find the solution to that problem right here.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

As part of a self-administered health regimen, the first question to be addressed by any new CBD health consumer is "How much CBD should I take?" The best practice for the beginner is to start at the minimum dose and slowly work your way up in small increments. That's the short answer, but it's one that only leads to more questions.

You may already be asking now, "So what is the minimum dose? What is the maximum safe dose of CBD? What is a small increment?". We'll get into daily doses, and mg/kilo of body weight, to answer these important questions further on. Once you have acquired a fundamental understanding about CBD dosing you can rest assured that the CBD products at MoNa all provide precisely measured CBD content to allow you to track your daily CBD intake and make required adjustments accurately. It's important to recall that CBD is a cannabinoid supplement to the body's own natural supply of endocannabinoids and not a synthetic drug. That's why "less is more" with CBD. 

Working in concert with the human ECS, the recently discovered endocannabinoid system, supplemental CBD products can enhance the ECS's own natural ability to maintain that wonderful state of well being which scientists call homeostasis. The ECS regulates vital physiological and mental processes via the complex network of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the cerebellum, the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain and throughout the body. The ECS plays a primary role in vital biological functions including:

  • sleep
  • appetite
  • pain management
  • mood
  • emotion
  • inflammation and immune response
  • cognitive thought
  • memory
  • muscle growth and recovery
  • nerve and brain cell health and growth
  • stress and anxiety response
  • recovery from injury 
Your Personal Optimal CBD Dose

Finding your individual optimal CBD dose will require some experimentation on your part. Since acceptance and acknowledgment of cannabidiol's therapeutic properties are still in the early stages, medical professionals and research scientists are just now beginning to develop dosing schedules. For now, there is no formal RDA (recommended daily allowance) for CBD supplements or any of the many other beneficial cannabinoids found in marijuana, hemp, and their therapeutic extracts.

Traditionally, medical schools have focused only on patented pharmaceuticals in their pharmacology courses. Since there is no universal dose of CBD suitable for all people and in all cases, doctors can only recommend CBD, they can't prescribe it. Fortunately for health consumers, the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD products from hemp ( and only hemp) legal and available in all 50 states.

The correct daily CBD dose depends on an incredible variety of individual user factors including body type, size, weight, metabolism, and even genetics. Age is a factor as well. Children tolerate higher doses which have a different effect on adults. Dose amounts of CBD will also vary depending upon the symptoms you are treating, ranging from chronic pain management to better sleep, to alleviating stress and anxiety. 

Many Factors Affect Your Personal Best CBD Dosage
  • The chosen method of ingesting CBD, whether topically with creams and ointments, or internally with tinctures, capsules, or edibles, or even smoking or vaping all affect the proper dosage amount. This is known as the "bio-availability" factor which is the term for how much CBD can be absorbed in the body by each method.
  • The synergistic effect is the chemical action which increases the potency of CBD when combined with other cannabinoids or plant-derived compounds from cannabis such as terpenes. Terpenes give the cannabis species its distinctive aroma but research has shown that they are important contributors to the synergistic or "entourage" effect. At Modern Nature, we use the synergistic entourage effect to its fullest advantage. MoNa's CBD products are Ph.D. formulated with all the full spectrum benefits and additional Ayurvedic medicinal herbs specifically selected to enhance CBD bio-availability with the potent synergistic effects of holy basil, turmeric, and ashwagandha
  • The source of your CBD, whether it's derived from whole hemp or medical marijuana plants, can influence the end result of CBD's pharmacological actions. Full spectrum CBD incorporates all of the additional synergistic benefits of the terpenes and companion cannabinoids derived from the entire cannabis plant. CBD from medical marijuana also contains the highly psychoactive THC cannabinoid which is still illegal in many states. CBD from hemp has less than .03% THC content and is the only plant-derived CBD which is fully legal at the federal level.
  • CBD isolates, containing the separated CBD  molecule only, don't benefit from the synergistic effect so even higher doses may not provide the results that lower doses of full spectrum CBD can deliver. In many cases, you can be paying more for a higher CBD isolate dose which is actually less effective than a lower dose of full spectrum CBD.
  • Illnesses or symptoms being treated will affect CBD dosing amounts. Overall physical condition before beginning a CBD regimen is a factor, but CBD's amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety, and analgesic (painkilling) actions offer health benefits to everyone from children to adults and even pets, (as long as they are mammals!)
CBD Oil Dosage and the COR Dosing Standard

CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp oil, has emerged over recent decades as a highly effective supplement to alleviate the symptoms of an incredibly vast array of disorders and maladies. As an essential part of a natural, holistic, self-administered health regimen CBD is now widely used by health consumers, athletes, and fitness professionals around the world as a safe, non-toxic, non-psychoactive alternative to prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) medications. CBD doses can range from just .5 mg taken internally to upwards of 1500 mg in topical CBD creams and ointments. 

CBD's nontoxic nature makes it one of the safest substances in any household. To date, there has never been a documented case of fatal CBD overdose. The WHO (World Health Organization) reports in their recent 2018 study that "CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile." The study also concludes that "In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential." Still, the general rule of thumb for CBD dosing is to start low and work your way up until you achieve the "sweet spot" which delivers the desired results for the symptoms you are treating.

While there is no "one size fits all" rule for CBD dosing there are 3 general classifications of CBD dose amounts. The standard dosage range was established by CBD Oil after a thorough and extensive analysis of hundreds of CBD products. The COR standard is 25 mg of CBD taken twice daily. Dosing ranges overlap, but below are the general dosage terms you may come across when researching CBD products and treatments.


Many health consumers are surprised to discover that micro-dosing tends to be the most effective technique for cannabis therapeutics. Small doses ranging from .5 mg to 20 mg fall into the micro-dose category. Micro-dosing is used most frequently to treat a wide range of chronic symptoms such as neuropathic pain, anxiety, sleep, and stress relief. The average micro-dose is 10 mg. Most of the common ailments which health consumers seek to alleviate with CBD therapy are very successfully treated with micro-doses. This is why you'll often hear that "A little CBD goes a long way".

Standard Dosing 

10-100 mg each day is considered to be a standard dose. Many CBD users micro-dose small amounts throughout the day to enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of CBD. The COR recommendation of 25 mg twice per day for a total of 50 mg daily falls within the standard dosing range and is a good starting point for those using CBD as part of an optimized physical fitness regimen or as an essential supplemental source of powerful antioxidants. Standard doses may be required for more severe chronic pain or inflammation problems. Many CBD users use internal standard doses in conjunction with topical CBD to deal with pain directly at the location where it occurs. 

Macro Dosing (Therapeutic Dosing)

100 mg to upwards of 1500 mg of internal CBD doses per day qualify as macro-doses, also known as therapeutic dosing. Higher levels of CBD in this range may be used as an adjunct therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. Serious disorders such as MS (multiple sclerosis), Huntington's Disease, and schizophrenia are treated with macro-dosing. In some cases, CBD may be combined with THC for maximum analgesic action.

Even in the macro-dose range CBD is well tolerated. During research to develop Epidiolex, the CBD based drug which successfully treats seizures caused by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, 2 rare forms of childhood epilepsy, children in clinical studies took macro-doses of CBD. The only side effects were occasional sleepiness with some subjects experiencing loose stools. The final Epidiolex medication contains 100 mg of CBD and is the first CBD medication to obtain approval from the FDA

Topical CBD Doses

High CBD content on the product label, such as 1500 mg, doesn't necessarily mean you're getting a 1500 mg macro-dose. Many topical CBD products (creams and lotions) contain very high levels of CBD content due to very limited bioavailability. This is the very low percentage of actual CBD absorption caused by the protective barrier of the skin. CBD from topical application never reaches the bloodstream so these CBD creams can provide relief only by interacting with local CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

To complicate matters further, topical creams and ointments must be applied very generously for any significant dose of CBD to penetrate the skin barrier. To receive all the mental enhancements and physiological benefits which CBD has to offer, topical CBD should always be accompanied by a daily micro or standard dose taken internally.

How Genetics Impact CBD Dosing

Now that we've covered all of the numerous variables to be considered when dialing in your optimal CBD dose there is just one more factor to address. It's been discovered that some individuals have mutations of the CRN1 gene which provides the coding function for the vital CB1 receptors which are the most numerous receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The result is a poorly functioning ECS. The CRN1 mutation is rare, but those who have it exhibit symptoms similar to those of endocannabinoid deficiency. These symptoms include acute pain sensitivity, frequent migraine headaches, and sleep and memory disorders. More research is required but early studies indicate that supplemental CBD can raise the endocannabinoid levels to provide some relief from those who have the CRN1 mutation. 

How to measure a CBD Dose For Pain 

The general rule of thumb as the starting point for CBD pain management is to take 1 to 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. So how do you determine the mg per dose?  If you're using MoNa's CBD capsules this problem has already been solved for you with a precise dose per capsule which simplifies the task of measuring your daily CBD intake. You can adjust your dosage up or down in 10 or 15 mg increments as required. The guesswork is eliminated and you can discreetly enjoy all the benefits of a CBD regimen anytime and anywhere without the need for vaping devices and accessories. 

Labels on other CBD products can be deceiving. For example, a 300 mg CBD tincture (liquid drops for oral dosing or vaping) may lead you to assume that each dose delivers 300 mg. In reality, that's the CBD content of the entire 30 ml bottle. (1 fluid oz.) The actual dose per serving is just 10 mg or one full dropper which is one serving. Serving size on each CBD product label is the most important information for accurately measuring your CBD intake. 

The time it takes for the CBD to take effect varies depending on whether the drops were taken and held under the tongue for a period of time before swallowing or if the CBD oil was inhaled via vaping with an e-cig. Again, actual CBD absorption will be affected by how long the vapor is held in the lungs. Generally, CBD vaping delivers CBD most efficiently, but the duration of effects is shorter. Oral ingestion might take up to 30 minutes for the effects to be felt, but duration tends to linger much longer. 

Obviously, some CBD delivery methods can make it difficult to track exactly how much CBD you're actually getting, with so many variables to account for. Many health consumers prefer not to smoke or vape cannabinoids of any kind to preserve healthy lungs. Others consider the taste of oral tinctures as quite unpleasant. For CBD users who prefer not to inhale vapor into their lungs or find the "earthy" taste of oil-based CBD unpleasant, Modern Nature has the solution. 

What is the best CBD Dosage for Particular Ailments?

Modern Nature CBD capsules provide the most accurate way to measure your precise dose of CBD. Our Relieved, Relaxed, and Rested capsules are each formulated with 10 to 15 mg of full spectrum CBD, each designed to treat particular needs. Our new water-soluble Vitality liquid contains 250 mg in each 60 ml bottle for even more dosing versatility. Vitality is naturally sweet and tastes better than traditional CBD oil-based products. Since it's water soluble it can be added to juice, coffee, or any beverage you choose. 

Relieved For Pain and Inflammation

MoNa's Relieved capsules have been specially formulated to promote joint wellness and healthy inflammation response. Each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD with our patented high absorption Turmeric complex. The complex increases CBD absorption up to 6 times better than other CBD products. Relieved provides whole body support for pain management most frequently caused by inflammation such as arthritis, or the natural immune response to disease or serious injury. 

Relaxed For Stress and Anxiety

We all experience chronic daily stressors in our lives from kids, jobs, and bills, etc. Acute stress occurs when we find ourselves in a hazardous fight or flight scenario. When left uncontrolled, stress and anxiety can grow to excessive levels and the ECS can be overwhelmed. Debilitating effects on overall health and the immune system are the result. MoNa's Relaxed capsules contain a proprietary blend of natural stress relievers and 10 mg of full spectrum CBD to promote calm and clarity even in the busiest most active lifestyles. 

Rested For Sleep Disorders

Melatonin, amino acids, and essential vitamins combine with 15 mg of potent full spectrum CBD to provide a rejuvenating sound sleep. 60 million Americans are affected by insomnia. MoNa's Rested capsules are a natural and safe alternative to strong prescription and over-the-counter sleep medications with their various debilitating, and sometimes dangerous, side effects.When it comes to enhancing your overall state of well-being nothing is more important than a good night's sleep.

Precise CBD Dosing is simple to achieve with the vegan-friendly, all natural CBD products at Modern Nature. Our doctor-endorsed products were formulated with a combination of the latest cannabinoid science and the time-proven ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic herbal medicine. You can introduce yourself to the entire line of MoNa CBD products with our starter pack as our way of welcoming you to a new era of sustainable health. If you have any questions about your CBD health regimen please don't hesitate to contact us.


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