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Dr. Eric Wood Endorses MoNa


Dr. Eric Wood Endorses Modern Nature CBD

The Modern Nature line of products is a plant-based, research-validated and dosed, high-quality line of innovative supplements, incorporating a number of time-tested herbal, vitamin, and phytochemical nutrients with the emerging nutraceutical powerhouse, Hemp Extract, to successfully help individuals with a number of issues including sleep problems, anxiousness, inflammation, pain, and more. These epidemic-level issues millions of individuals are facing on a daily basis are best addressed with low risk, nutritional solutions and the Modern Nature line offers real, tangible formulas that could be highly helpful to a wide-array of people dealing with such debilitating problems. These formulas are all third party tested for purity and potency, ensuring a high level of efficacy and safety, which is not always the case with supplements.

Sleep problems in the Western world are an epidemic. And without good sleep, it is very hard to feel and be well. Modern Nature’s Rested formula combines some of the best amino acid aides alongside herbs and the sleep cycle regulator melatonin to provide a well-rounded, multi-faceted sleep support that tackles many common physiological drivers of sleep impairments. Tested for purity and potency by third party labs, this formula is a terrific alternative to OTC or even prescriptive sleep aides, offering a much lower side effect risk profile whilst working on common physiological root issues affecting good sleep quality in many.

Pain and muscle tension are some of the most common chronic complaints in modern medical practice. There are many driving forces behind this nowadays, including nutrient deficiencies such as magnesium. So having alternative options outside of sometimes dangerous, addictive, and/or damaging prescriptive pain killers is a must for anyone who is trying to live healthier and minimize medication use. Relieved brings some of the most recognized and substantiated natural analgesics in the herbal medicine world together with magnesium into one easy to use formula. Featuring items such as turmeric extract, ginger and magnesium, it offers health conscious individuals viable alternatives to naturally controlling their discomfort and tension. Validated for purity and potency by an outside lab, this is a welcome option for anyone with chronic or even occasional pain and tightness.

Anxiety and difficulty calming down are at an epidemic level across the country. This is for many reasons and many people are tired of the pill-mill approach of the pharmaceutical industry that often results in side effects from trying to improve one’s anxiety. Modern Nature’s Relaxed formula combines key amino acids with recognized herbal medicines to create a multi-faceted, well-rounded natural medicine approach to help people control and improve their anxiety and stress issues more safely and naturally. Using items such as GABA, L-theanine, Lemon Balm, and Ashwagandha, this packs some of the best and most validated supplemental items on the market for improving nervous system balance and calm. Third party tested and validated, this is a worthy, non-pharmaceutical alternative option for people looking to feel better and more calm.

--Dr Eric Wood, ND

About Dr. Eric Wood

Dr. Wood is a practicing, licensed naturopathic doctor in the USA and founder of Visionary Health.  Dr. Wood is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and educated at Harvard University's Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and Georgetown University's Food as Medicine program.  Dr. Wood is a professor of Alternative Medicine and Nutrition at Everglades & Hawthorn universities, respectively.  Previously, he worked as a specialty physician for several of the leading supplement companies in North America for nearly 5 years, including Life Extension and Neuroscience Inc.