Modern Nature's Story

The idea for a natural sweetener came from Bessie's love of cooking and her need for a sugar-free ingredient.

A blood condition meant that Bessie was likely to contract diabetes unless she found a sugar-substitute. Through trial and error she found that by reducing her sugar intake, and using stevia in her cooking as a sugar substitute, she was able to manage her condition and live a normal life.  


Although stevia was a great plant-based solution, Bessie found the liquorice after taste unpleasant. She was also surprised to discover that most stevia products contain unhealthy ingredients such as bulking agents and sugar alcohols.

This prompted her to make her own stevia with the aim of producing the purest products on the market, devoid of any nasties.

Bessie spent time working with Ulster University to create her range of healthy, junk free stevia, that also avoids the liquorice aftertaste. Seven years down the line, Modern Nature has a loyal customer base that agree that she met these goals​

“As a mother who cares a great deal about her daughter’s diet and not having a high intake of sugar, it was a real comfort to be confident in the knowledge that my child was enjoying a really lovely treat, which was sweet and satisfyingly natural by using Modern Nature Liquid Stevia."
— Charlotte Powell