modern nature liquid stevia drops sweetener energy balls recipe sugar free calorie free vegan keto paleo
75g (¾ Cup) Oats or Glutenfree oats
75g (¾ Cup) Mixed seeds
3 tablespoon Nut butter (We used peanut nut butter)
4 large medjool dates, stones removed & chopped
25g (¾ Cup) Quinoa puffs (buckwheat or rice puffs)
4 heaped tablespoon ground flaxseed (linseeds)
3 tablespoon of Water
In a bowl place the ground flax seed and water. Leave this is absorb for 1-2 minutes. Add the dates and the nut butter to the flax seed mixture, then add the Modern Nature Liquid Steiva Drops Sweetener. Blend this all together with a handheld blender.
In another bowl place the oats, mixed seeds. Now add the flaxseed date mixture and using your hands or a fork work it through the oats until it is evenly spread throughout.
Lastly add the quinoa puffs. Again work these through until evenly spread throughout the mixture.
Roll the mixture into balls.
Keep the Energy Balls in an airtight container, they will keep for 2-3 days.